Material needs.

We are always in need of the following:

  • Bibles: Afrikaans, English, Tswana, Zulu
  • Toiletries ie. soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo and hand cream.
  •  Non perishable foods
  •  Clothing. New and used.
  •  Disposable baby nappies and formula milk.
  •  Household cleaners and washing powder.
  •  Packaging ie. bags (Checkers/ P&P type) and labels.
  •  Birthday cakes or cake mixes for the kids.
  • Seasonal projects ie. Hot water rubber bottles and lots of blankets before winter.
  • School stationary with the start of each new school semester or as required.

Photo Gallery
Vrouedag 2012/ Womens's day 2012

Amazingwe - women were pampered, their hands washed, blessed and encourage. every woman received a packet with goodies to spoil her. God was amazing and the community and people from far and wide contributed abundantly. Thank you to all!
141544811581085909841859779073n.jpg 307624811627085905241075499660n.jpg 338584811705752564041043581176n.jpg 47487481170731923055861531524n.jpg 60587481164655256996596350310n.jpg 611524811654419235842051725178n.jpg 1542944811568819244401695568253n.jpg 1890964811566919244591416380008n.jpg 189118481172881922840771770660n.jpg 1972424811587752575841617459629n.jpg 282353481162408590554355168754n.jpg 2857964811642919236991612042441n.jpg 2993994811638485904101402351953n.jpg 304326481159111924217268827899n.jpg 3190834811602252574391516503180n.jpg 384911481158735257588324648503n.jpg 3950034811604952574121201551118n.jpg 404685481157498591045602564428n.jpg 3963014811636252570991236069733n.jpg 4261914811636985904251636489244n.jpg


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